All 1000 OTTERLY OTTSTANDING OTTERS have been recreated as trading cards (with their own individual attack and defense values), and QR codes to link directly to the specific NFT on Opensea.

*I plan to digitally recreate a fun and easy P2E game within the metaverse too and add the other otter collections in time*

*If people are able to collect all 1000 exclusive 1/1 cards, somehow I want to reward them – a vacation, rent, maybe a Lambo 😉 That’ll be determined fully at a later date based on sales.*

Gameplay is much like Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh – (2 card games I grew up playing and collecting)

SELLOUT?: I will begin producing box sets and packs with extra special money cards – I will determine the amounts later but I was thinking about either including gift cards or redeemable ETH cards in packages to make collecting a bit more exciting.