Otter Army

Be part of the most ottorness journey in web 3


Otter Army

A collection of 1000 cute and cuddly otters 🦦 🌊

There will be Otter Parties for otter holders! DJs, games, giveaways, food trucks

Redistributing 10% of the funds to the amazing artists within this incredible community and help them grow

All otter army holders will receive Custom Otter Apparel/accessories

The Ottoverse

A collection of 666 hand crafted otters 🦦

Army holders who purchase an Otter from The Otterverse collection, will also receive a FREE pack of trading cards

help with funding the new trading card game, apparel, accessories, and other otter merchandise

Otterly Ottstanding Otters

A collection of 1000 colorful and cartoony otters 🦦 🌊

Get an Exclusive 1/1 Holographic Card of your otter and a 20 Card starter deck

All otter army and ottorcers holders who purchased otterly ottstanding collection will recevie a free NFTOwl or NTFEmoji

Who holds 15 Otters (from any collection) can eligibale to get a custom shirt of their favorite otter


500 Potions will turn your OTTER ARMY otter into a 1/1 mutant and it’ll be added to the Exclusive Otter collection and transferred to your wallet